23 October 2012

getting back into blogging

Lately I've been a little bit absent from the blog, I could make excuses and say that my life has been busy (which is true), but in reality I've just been spending my time doing other stuff. I'm not even sure what that 'stuff' is, I seem to be spending an awful lot of time doing nothing in particular at the moment. Last night I sat down and figured out a kind of 'schedule' to help me fit everything in, I realised that in all reality I have plenty of time to do everything I want to - I just haven't been making the best use of my time the past couple of weeks.

I also haven't really felt inspired to sit down and write and I don't want to force myself just for the sake of publishing posts regularly. I think the weather has a LOT to do with it - its completely miserable! I don't tend to take as many pictures when the weather is bad & it just feels weird to me to blog without having pictures to share. That said, the past couple of days I've really felt the need to write, so I think I'm back in the game.

Its weird how much I miss this little space when I'm away for a while.

What have you been up to recently? How do you deal with bloggers block? 


  1. I take time off when I get bloggers block,its so much more refreshing coming back with lots of new ideas than it is to sit and force out a post that you're not happy with! I've been too busy to post as often as I'd like recently, so maybe we'll get back into the game at the same time :)

  2. I'm so new to blogging that I haven't really experienced this yet. But, if my advice counts for anything, on days when I feel really inspired or someone asks me about something that I have while they're at my house (an antique, a piece of art) I type up a post about it. So now i have like 5 or 6 drafts, that are genuine and from the heart because I wrote them when I was inspored to, in case there is a day where I really don't have any idea what to post lol. Maybe that's weird.

  3. Whenever that blogger's/writer's block comes into play. I go out and do something different.

    It's hard to get inspired when all you're doing is sitting behind a computer, trying to think of content.

    So take a break. (And also, try not to pressure yourself so much either... I'm horrible at doing this to myself which is the death of any creativity)

  4. I love your blog so absence or no absence - I am just happy when I see a post from you!

    I find that I gain inspiration from reading other blogs or by just getting out and doing fun things (and I try remember to bring my SLR along) It is much better to be away from your blog and then be eager to post than just sitting in front of your computer screen trying to force words onto the page.

    xo Emilie @ Hungry Delights


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