16 October 2012

happening here #6

 I can't believe its been almost a week since I last posted! Crazy. Times. I've promised myself that I'm going to get my schedule sorted out this week - somehow I've ended up in a bit of a 'finish dinner and watch TV mindlessly' rut and I'm not okay with that! I've also promised myself that I'll actually take my camera out of the bag this week, I haven't used in ONCE in the last week... It's making Project Life a tiny bit of a challenge! I have however figured out how to get slightly better pictures out of my phone, so I've been snapping away with that. My phone contract comes up for renewal in February and my only requirement for the next one is that it has a decent camera. Its a bit of a pain having to take my big camera everywhere with me and completely unnecessary for the little snapshots.

So, in fairly terrible phone pictures, this is what life has been like...

1// Interval hot chocolates for Matt's birthday 2// Random close up shot of my handbag 3// Writing up lecture notes (lots of time spent on this) 4// Half of my research project plants 5// I love cables 6// Lecture notes in the dark (yes, I do always have a mug of tea when I'm working 7// Waiting for the train home 8// THE most beautiful sunset, the photo's I took just don't do it justice 9// Driving home & stopping off at a service station. 158 miles down, not too far to go.

This last weekend was a bit of a whirlwind of trains home, days out, party planning, catching up and driving back up north. I feel like I was home for about half an hour! This week is going to be a little bit crazy but things should calm down after my birthday this weekend. I love it when life is busy.

What you you been up to this weekend, anything exciting?


  1. I don't think there terrible at all!!

  2. I actually think your pictures look great. I love little snaps of peoples everyday lives :)

    As for slumping in front of the tv after dinner, I've been doing the same. I think it's the time of year?! ;D xx

  3. Omg....just noticed when you (so sweetly) replied. They're***
    I hate that!

  4. 'finish dinner and watch tv mindlessly' yepp - that sounds like me ;) xx


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