01 October 2012

recap: September

September was cramming in time with friends and family before returning to Uni. It was finishing off summer craft projects & long, muddy walks with Zak. Celebrating a friends 21st & making her an owl at the new place that opened up in town. Drinking tea on the back step & doing a lot of planning. Afternoons spent researching flights & backpacks & a few hours spent writing birthday invites. A 4 hour drive back to this place & showing the youngest brother my city. Trying to convince our landlord that water running down our walls is not okay. Staying up too late, laughing hard & having ridiculous conversations. Hanging out with the Zumba girls & handing out 800 leaflets at the Activities Fair. Finding new places & realising how close we are to the countryside. Planning my 3rd year project & emailing backwards and forwards to sort out my timetable. Long Skype conversations with Mum & planning trips home. Sorting grown-up stuff like utility bills & broadband deals. Meeting the ES freshers & having an awesome night out.

September, you were awesome.

How was your September?


  1. Sounds like a lovely September. My favourite month - I'm actually a little sad it's over! Hope October is just as good to you x

  2. I just found your blog, and I absolutely love it! So darling, and your photography is just stunning. You're really talented, girl :) {and i might be a little jealous..}

  3. I love all the photographs on your blog! Have a great October!

  4. why are landlords the worst? but it sounds like you had a lovely month anyway! i just found your blog and i love it, can't wait to keep scrolling!

  5. It looks like you had an awesome September :) I wish I was going back to university :(

  6. Hey Vic, I'm happy that I found you again (I was previously known as 'knappflickan' if that tells you anything)!
    Sounds like you had a really good September, that's nice!
    Mine was a bit rocky. Had to deal with my now ex-boyfriend breaking up and a lot of grown up stress, work and Uni. Let's hope, October will be good to us!

  7. Oh hi, I loved your September. Just THE BEST September. Ever. In the history of Septembers!

  8. My September was just a lovely :) It sounds like you had an amazing month! i've just come across your blog, so you've got yourself a new follower miss!

    Suzy x


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