29 November 2012

5 favourites - Pinterest

Lets talk about Pinterest! Now, if you're anything like me then you'll love finding people who have similar taste to you. It might be one of my favourite internet things. Ever. I also really enjoy writing lists, so I thought I'd share 5 of my current favourite boards...

1. This Christmas board by Jasmine. I get the feeling that this girl is slightly excited about not being in Australia for Christmas. Such a gorgeous collection of snowy, cozy Christmas pictures.

2. This board of winter pictures by Rosie . I think knitwear is one of the things that make winter bearable. 

3. This board full of travel quotes & pictures

4. This board full of wild places & pictures that make me want to live my life from a backpack.

5) This board full of stunning photographs that capture amazing light. So inspiring.

I can be found here if you're interested! 

Do you use Pinterest? What are your favourite boards? Leave me links people!!

28 November 2012

another friendly visitor

It's really odd for me to shoot a whole series of pictures in portrait - for some reason I just prefer shooting in landscape. R & I were followed home by yet another cat (not sure what they love so much about our house!) who proceeded to invite himself in and make himself at home. Making himself at home involved some weird clawing at our rug whilst spinning around in circles on his back, not really sure what that was all about. I kicked him out a couple of hours later - we didn't really want to leave him in the house on his own & I was having major chocolate cravings after spending another whole day in the library. So Co-Op it was, for what turned out to be a bargain chocolate fix - gotta love the reduced section! Combined with chocolate milk it was definitely chocolate overload, but so, so good. 

Do you have over-friendly neighbourhood animals? 

27 November 2012

R's vegetable soup

Remember how I was craving 'winter food'? Turns out R had the same idea, so when he suggested making vegetable soup for dinner tonight I was 200% on board. We popped into the veg shop on our way home - we'd never been before and were completely blown away by how inexpensive everything was. All the ingredients for this soup cost us just over £2!! So, so good. We'll definitely be making that a part of our routine! It's nice to support independent local businesses as well, especially when they help us save money on our food bill!

R served it with cheese on toast - I've never eaten soup with cheese on toast before, but it was absolutely gorgeous. A new favourite combination. We'll probably we eating it for the next few days - but I really, really don't mind. Soup is definitely going to be made a bit more often in this house!

For those of you who are interested - R just chopped all the veg & put it in a saucepan with the stock. He left it on for about 1/2 - 3/4 of an hour & then blended it. We would have added herbs... but we didn't have any!


3 parsnips
4 carrots
3 cloves of garlic
2 potatoes
1 leek
3 stock cubes
Salt & pepper to taste

Do you have a favourite soup recipe? I'd LOVE to try it out, please share!! 

25 November 2012

happening here #9

I've come to treasure my weekends these past few weeks. Slow mornings when getting out of bed isn't a priority, where breakfast isn't a rushed affair on my way out of the door. Afternoons where I can read blogs rather than research papers & busy my hands with craft projects rather than note-taking.

I spent Saturday catching up on some TV, Christmas shopping (online), sorting my room & crossing some things off my to-to list. Saturday evening was spent in the pub, catching up with friends, listening to live music & shooting tequila. This morning the weather was terrible, so I camped out in bed for a couple of hours before venturing downstairs to find some breakfast. Boiled eggs & chocolate milk are definitely the way forward. R and I were craving 'winter food' this evening so I cooked up a sausage casserole & it was exactly what I needed. There's nothing quite like 'proper' food when its dark outside & freezing.

How was your weekend? Any recipes you turn to when you want 'winter' food? I'd love to try them!

23 November 2012

sunday days

Last Sunday none of us wanted to do any work & we all wanted to get outside, so R, H, Holly & myself hopped on a bus that was heading out of the city. We got off (at the wrong stop) and headed for the animal shelter. We were handed the leads of two rescue dogs & the 6 of us headed out into the woods. Walks at the weekend are good at the best of times, but walks with dogs just seem a ton better. They started off so nervous but by the end of the walk they were dragging us all over the place and quite content to demand our attention. I fell a little bit in love & wanted to bring them home with me! We'll definitely be going again - it was lovely to get outside in the fresh air & know that we were doing a little bit of good at the same time.

It was my favourite kind of winter - cold, clear and still and we managed to accidently time it so we were walking during golden hour - it couldn't have been more perfect. I feel like I'm comfortable with my new camera now, it seems like such an odd thing to say but its weird having buttons in different places & its taken some getting used to!

This week has been another crazy-busy one, Thursday I left the house at 8:30 and got back after midnight! It's a good kind of crazy though. I'm looking forward to a couple of slow days before Monday shows its head again.

Do you have plans for the weekend? Have you ever walked rescue dogs? 

18 November 2012


Dear brain, please sort your sleeping pattern out because you're driving me a little bit crazy. I'm also pretty sure you haven't evolved to not need sleep so you're not really doing yourself any favours there.

Dear weather, I really love you as you are at the moment. Please don't start with that rain business.

Dear weekend, I needed you this week & you were good to me. I love you.

Dear Office, my shoes arrived and they are exquisite. I can walk in them too, so that's a bonus.

Dear neighbours, do you really have to fight at 2am. Really? Because my walls are thin & it's just not cool.

Dear Mum, thankyou for being awesome.

Dear blog, sorry for neglecting you this week but my week has been pretty full of fungus science and I don't think you'll find it very interesting.

Dear X, I find it so sad that your sense of self worth is entirely dependent on the opinions of other people.

Dear journal, I've decided that maybe we should develop a relationship, y'know? So we'll see how that goes.

Dear blogland, thankyou for being a fabulous, ridiculous and inspiring place to hang out for 15 minutes whilst I consume (yet another) chocolate muffin in the library and call it a 'break'.

Dear #lbloggers, all of you are awesome. Thanks for being the best part of my sunday evening.


Dear picture, you have nothing to do with this post but I really liked you.

14 November 2012

happening here #8

1// Wheat plants in the lab right before we harvested them 2// Gorgeous shoes in H&M 3// My view from the library window yesterday 4// Breakfast in the library on Monday morning 5// It feels like my life revolves around my lab notebook at the moment 6// Dinner at Vodka Rev's for R's 21st last week - so good! 7// Cocktails! 8// Sunset at the park on Friday evening 9// I've spent a LOT of time in this lab the past couple of weeks...
Phone's with cameras are awesome, right? I love the fact that I can snap little moments like these without having to carry my 'big' camera around with me all the time. The past couple of days have been long ones - leaving the house at half 8 and getting back after 6, eating dinner and carrying on with work. Its tiring but this research project is shaping up to be pretty cool & I'm determined to get a really good mark. Time in the library = a lot of time spent listening to music, so if anyone has any recommendations for easy-listening music then I would love to hear them!

On a completely random note, R & I had this gem of a conversation on Sunday night:

R: "I just saw ugly naked gym guy again!"
V: "Wait. Ugly naked gym guy has a girlfriend?"
R: " You can't just stand in my room brushing your teeth and staring at them. They'll think you're a weirdo."
V: "Right."

Sometimes our house is absolutely hilarious & sometimes we're just really weird.

Hope you're all having a great week! If you have any music recommendations/ advice for keeping on top of 3rd year Uni work then I would LOVE to hear it! 

11 November 2012

lazy sundays

Last week was completely mental & I really needed to recharge! I always find it so weird how some weeks I have bundles of energy and others seem to knock me for six. This weekend has been the perfect mix of hanging out with friends, watching back to back episodes of True Blood, chilling out, knitting, sleeping in, remembering that I have a gym membership, cleaning the house & making a start on my Christmas shopping. All finished off with a bacon sandwich for Sunday dinner (obviously), the #lbloggers twitter chat and birthday cake with toffee ice cream. So. Good. 

Monday, I'm ready for you now. 

09 November 2012

current favourites

This week has been a bit intense & I'm really looking forward to having a couple of days to chill the heck out. I've got the house to myself this weekend, chocolate ice cream & a bottle of wine so I'm planning on some serious relaxation. These are a a few of the things that I'm loving at the moment...
  • Green tea with orange - thanks Twinings. I love you. 
  • This song 
  • Boots & thick socks
  • Lying in bed in the morning listening to the wind and rain. Until I have to get up & then its not my favourite anymore. 
  • Season 5 of True Blood
  • Of Monsters and Men 
  • Sweet comments from you guys - they make my day!
  • Porridge and jam 
  • This flickr stream 
  • New Girl
  • Figuring out settings on my camera 
  • Movie nights that turn into poker nights 
  • Food at Vodka Rev's 
  • Browsing knitting patterns on Etsy - I love this!!
Oh My Bear pattern by Tiny Owl Knits on Etsy

What are the little things that keep you going when you have a manic week?

05 November 2012

sunrise, sunset & wine on the roof (almost)

Today I managed to capture both sunrise (hey 9am lectures) and sunset on camera. It wasn't intentional, but I love the results. There's something about golden hour light and low winter sun that I absolutely adore - I just love the soft glow. Sometimes I grouch about where we live & the fact that its one of the highest points around - but today I really appreciated it. Yes, the walk back up from uni can be horrible (especially when its raining), but for sunrises like this out of my window & that view out over the valley that takes 5 minutes to walk to? 100% worth it. So, so worth it.

Weird thing. About 5 minutes after I took that last picture I was advised by a dog walker to head back up the way I'd come. Apparently there's been a few muggings in the woods around here & she didn't want me to run into any trouble. I'm not sure how many people would have stopped to warn someone else - sometimes the kindness of strangers is amazing.

We spent almost an hour tonight hanging out of my skylight drinking wine (for me) and whisky (for R) whilst watching the fireworks. We're so high up we could see them going off all over the city - it was absolutely amazing. People were setting off Chinese lanterns from all over and the sky was full of floating candles - so beautiful.We even got to watch the 'main' firework show from the front window - no £10 entry fee & standing in the freezing cold for us!

Today has been all about appreciating the little things & its been so, so good.

Take care guys xo 

03 November 2012

hey november

I'm anticipating a lot of time spent at my desk, crunching numbers & trying to decode journal articles. I'm hoping for lots of pictures, nights in the pub with friends & hot chocolates on cold evenings. I'm aiming to keep going to the gym regularly and at least start to think about Christmas. I'm reminding myself that its okay to have days off & I'm enjoying being inspired again.

Lately I've got into the habit of catching up with most of the blogs I read at the weekend, I check in with the odd few during the week when I have time but there's something incredibly relaxing about a blog session in bed on a Saturday morning. Its like having a really good magazine to read. If you're in the mood for something awesome to read then I suggest you check out my sidebar... there's some pretty awesome ladies on there! I'm also excited to introduce you to Misbehave! Allie has an amazing selection of jewellery and accessories in her shop, all at ridiculously good prices! I've got my eye on these...

Can you tell I'm into earrings at the moment?!

Everybody who buys from Misbehave! from 5th November to Midnight on the 30th November is automatically entered into a draw to win a £30 voucher to spend on the website - perfect timing for Christmas! 

I'd also like to take the chance to say hi to everyone who's new around here! It still amazes me that people actually want to read what I write & I'd love to get to know you all a little bit better! So, if you haven't before (or even if you have), I'd love it if you left me a comment with a link to your blogs - I'm always on the hunt for something new to read! 

02 November 2012

autumn walks

A few snaps from a walk I took while I was home at the weekend. Setting myself the challenge of taking a photo every day has so far worked out pretty well. Some days the pictures are not so good  terrible, but that's okay - at least I'm taking them. These pictures are so typically 'autumn' - its exactly what I think of - long walks with the dog and jumping on crunchy leaves. I guess that the blogosphere is pretty saturated with autumn images already but I really wanted to share these!

My new camera arrived yesterday (I just upgraded to the Canon EOS 60D) and I just can't get over the difference between that and my old EOS 350D (especially the fact that I can remove the memory old one was jammed!) I'm excited to get out into the city tomorrow and shoot with it properly! Its a bit bigger than I'm used to, but its a lot more comfortable to hold and more intuitive to use so I haven't really noticed the difference too much. Just need to get out of the habit of just chucking my camera in my handbag now...

01 November 2012

monthly recap: october

October, you flew by but you sure did pack a lot in. You were stressful, sad and difficult at times but you were also full of family, friends, good food, exciting stuff and a lot of travelling. It's roughly an 8.5 hour round trip home from Uni, and I did it 3 times this month. Crazy stuff. October was turning 21, amazingly thoughtful gifts and spending my birthday at the beach in my hometown. It was hanging out with Mum at the weekends and working my backside off during the week. Long hours spent with baby wheat plants in the lab for my research project and casual drinks that turned into great nights out. Visiting my friends' first place together, chatting about their wedding plans & drinking wine out of mugs. Helping out at a charity firewalk, carving pumpkins and falling in love with roasted pumpkin seeds. Drinking mug after mug of tea at my desk and daydreaming about travel plans. October was falling into a bit of a creative slump and setting myself a challenge to get over it (which is going well). It was realising that you don't always have to have a plan and learning to just go with the flow. It was finding music that was perfect & re-evaluating what the important things are. You ended with Star Wars, beer & R saying daft things... "It's easy to get confused between Ghandi and Muhammed Ali..." October, you were pretty okay this year.
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