28 November 2012

another friendly visitor

It's really odd for me to shoot a whole series of pictures in portrait - for some reason I just prefer shooting in landscape. R & I were followed home by yet another cat (not sure what they love so much about our house!) who proceeded to invite himself in and make himself at home. Making himself at home involved some weird clawing at our rug whilst spinning around in circles on his back, not really sure what that was all about. I kicked him out a couple of hours later - we didn't really want to leave him in the house on his own & I was having major chocolate cravings after spending another whole day in the library. So Co-Op it was, for what turned out to be a bargain chocolate fix - gotta love the reduced section! Combined with chocolate milk it was definitely chocolate overload, but so, so good. 

Do you have over-friendly neighbourhood animals? 


  1. One of my Mum and Dad's cats used to go into next doors house and lay on their bed. They loved him.

    If we didn't have dogs I'd love to feed the local cats haha.

    Weirdo alert!

  2. The clawing and rolling on his back helps spread his scent, as well as being nice, presumably! He's making sure all the other cats know you're his!

  3. I WISH I had animal visitors! Probably a good thing I don't though as I may end up stealing them. Does that can belong to anyone? I hope he has a home to go to.

  4. Goegeous photos! He obviously likes you guys! I always have cats popping into my garden/house and just walking up to me in the street. It's like they can sense I'm a cat person!


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