09 November 2012

current favourites

This week has been a bit intense & I'm really looking forward to having a couple of days to chill the heck out. I've got the house to myself this weekend, chocolate ice cream & a bottle of wine so I'm planning on some serious relaxation. These are a a few of the things that I'm loving at the moment...
  • Green tea with orange - thanks Twinings. I love you. 
  • This song 
  • Boots & thick socks
  • Lying in bed in the morning listening to the wind and rain. Until I have to get up & then its not my favourite anymore. 
  • Season 5 of True Blood
  • Of Monsters and Men 
  • Sweet comments from you guys - they make my day!
  • Porridge and jam 
  • This flickr stream 
  • New Girl
  • Figuring out settings on my camera 
  • Movie nights that turn into poker nights 
  • Food at Vodka Rev's 
  • Browsing knitting patterns on Etsy - I love this!!
Oh My Bear pattern by Tiny Owl Knits on Etsy

What are the little things that keep you going when you have a manic week?


  1. That Flickr stream is ruddy amazing. wow.

  2. Love orange green tea. And that awesome sweater!

  3. My little things would be:

    - good telly, like New Girl & American Horror Story

    - taking the dogs for a walk when the air is crisp and fresh

    - browsing online and in the shops for Christmassy things

    - Michael Buble's Christmas album :)


  4. I just fell in love with youe blog. You have a new suscriber! :D I'm re-doing my blog, so when it is done (maybe some days, or weeks) you will be in my partners place, can i?
    Lots of love, and kisses!

  5. I love New Girl. I want to be New Girl. I even own some of New Girl's dresses a la Anthropologie.

    In other news - I hope you are doing AWESOME. Because you are AWESOME!

  6. Awesome stream! I love that sweater!

  7. I bought a starter's kit for knitting. I wish I could make neat patterns already. I'm just intimidated by it still.

    That song is epic. Thank you for sharing it!

  8. Ermm I'd have to say finding lovely new blogs, yours being one of them. Yay. X

  9. Oh wow, ok I really need to up my game with my knitting if I want to work on some of those AMAZING patterns. Can you knit those?!? I'm baffled. I find knitting patterns so confusing. What's with all the acronyms? Oh and New Girl is my one great TV love at the moment too :)


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