14 November 2012

happening here #8

1// Wheat plants in the lab right before we harvested them 2// Gorgeous shoes in H&M 3// My view from the library window yesterday 4// Breakfast in the library on Monday morning 5// It feels like my life revolves around my lab notebook at the moment 6// Dinner at Vodka Rev's for R's 21st last week - so good! 7// Cocktails! 8// Sunset at the park on Friday evening 9// I've spent a LOT of time in this lab the past couple of weeks...
Phone's with cameras are awesome, right? I love the fact that I can snap little moments like these without having to carry my 'big' camera around with me all the time. The past couple of days have been long ones - leaving the house at half 8 and getting back after 6, eating dinner and carrying on with work. Its tiring but this research project is shaping up to be pretty cool & I'm determined to get a really good mark. Time in the library = a lot of time spent listening to music, so if anyone has any recommendations for easy-listening music then I would love to hear them!

On a completely random note, R & I had this gem of a conversation on Sunday night:

R: "I just saw ugly naked gym guy again!"
V: "Wait. Ugly naked gym guy has a girlfriend?"
R: " You can't just stand in my room brushing your teeth and staring at them. They'll think you're a weirdo."
V: "Right."

Sometimes our house is absolutely hilarious & sometimes we're just really weird.

Hope you're all having a great week! If you have any music recommendations/ advice for keeping on top of 3rd year Uni work then I would LOVE to hear it! 


  1. haha, love this conversation! very 'friends'

    also really want a cadburys hot chocolate now.. luckily i work near a starbucks. it's not cadburys, but it will have to do! x

  2. I feel like it's expected that I would recommend One Direction...

    But seeing as you're probably not going to listen to them, Skinny Love by Birdie, anything by Angus and Julia Stone (the early days and only because I knew their then-bass player), anything off a Lazy Sunday compilation really..?

    Good luck with everything. I have 2 exams left then 4 months off - WAH BLOODY HOO!


  3. Ok, here are my go-to get-work-done, easy-listening, albums: *ahem* The Staves just came out with their new album: Dead and Born and Grown, that's a good one. Gregory Alan Isakov: This Empty Northern Hemisphere. James Vincent McMorrow: Early in the Morning. Johnny Flynn: A Larum. The Antlers: Burst Apart. Ben Howard: Every Kingdom. Hope you find something in there that helps :)

  4. I 200% agree with camera phones. 98% of OTA comes from my iPhone hahaha and there goes my credibility!

    These are such lovely moments, friend!


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