25 November 2012

happening here #9

I've come to treasure my weekends these past few weeks. Slow mornings when getting out of bed isn't a priority, where breakfast isn't a rushed affair on my way out of the door. Afternoons where I can read blogs rather than research papers & busy my hands with craft projects rather than note-taking.

I spent Saturday catching up on some TV, Christmas shopping (online), sorting my room & crossing some things off my to-to list. Saturday evening was spent in the pub, catching up with friends, listening to live music & shooting tequila. This morning the weather was terrible, so I camped out in bed for a couple of hours before venturing downstairs to find some breakfast. Boiled eggs & chocolate milk are definitely the way forward. R and I were craving 'winter food' this evening so I cooked up a sausage casserole & it was exactly what I needed. There's nothing quite like 'proper' food when its dark outside & freezing.

How was your weekend? Any recipes you turn to when you want 'winter' food? I'd love to try them!


  1. This sounds so wonderful. I wish i could have weekends like this! But as soon as one week of work finishes, i have to prepare for the next! :( xx

  2. These photos have made me feel all warm and toasty!

  3. that breakfast looks so so good :) winter warmers are so good; sausage casserole is one of my favourite meals ever.x

  4. Oh man, I used to live off sausage casserole when I was at uni. I make a wicked chicken soup, that's my comfort food, but it's a pain to make so I don't have it very often.


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