03 November 2012

hey november

I'm anticipating a lot of time spent at my desk, crunching numbers & trying to decode journal articles. I'm hoping for lots of pictures, nights in the pub with friends & hot chocolates on cold evenings. I'm aiming to keep going to the gym regularly and at least start to think about Christmas. I'm reminding myself that its okay to have days off & I'm enjoying being inspired again.

Lately I've got into the habit of catching up with most of the blogs I read at the weekend, I check in with the odd few during the week when I have time but there's something incredibly relaxing about a blog session in bed on a Saturday morning. Its like having a really good magazine to read. If you're in the mood for something awesome to read then I suggest you check out my sidebar... there's some pretty awesome ladies on there! I'm also excited to introduce you to Misbehave! Allie has an amazing selection of jewellery and accessories in her shop, all at ridiculously good prices! I've got my eye on these...

Can you tell I'm into earrings at the moment?!

Everybody who buys from Misbehave! from 5th November to Midnight on the 30th November is automatically entered into a draw to win a £30 voucher to spend on the website - perfect timing for Christmas! 

I'd also like to take the chance to say hi to everyone who's new around here! It still amazes me that people actually want to read what I write & I'd love to get to know you all a little bit better! So, if you haven't before (or even if you have), I'd love it if you left me a comment with a link to your blogs - I'm always on the hunt for something new to read! 


  1. I have started to make more time to read blogs and you're right, it's like reading a magazine. I love finding new people too, such as yourself! :)

  2. love the fact you can make rain and cold sound positive! but its not allowed to snow as iv forgotten to bring my wellies to uni!

  3. Love the earrings. I am your newest follower. You have a great blog here! Love it.
    Almost Endearing

  4. Aw :) Your picture/caption made me all warm inside.
    I love those earrings!

  5. I love this! November is going to be good to you, I just know it!


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