31 December 2012

goodbye 2012

All around the blogosphere this evening I've been seeing posts about 2013, but I just want to take a few moments to reflect on the year that was 2012. I'm so grateful to this blog when I'm looking back over the year - its amazing to view a whole year in pictures and thoughts. One thing I've really noticed is how much more personal my writing here has become over the last few months - I feel like I'm getting so much more out of blogging when I'm putting more 'me' into it.

In January I read about the "One Little Word" project & chose 'fearless' as my word for 2012. It was so appropriate for the entire year & it had a bigger impact on my life than I ever could have imagined. For anyone thinking about jumping on this bandwagon (or anyone who isn't, for that matter) I wholeheartedly recommend it. Its empowering. So many decisions this year wouldn't have been made if I hadn't made that commitment to myself - to be fearless and to go after what I want. Its good stuff people, really good stuff. I also saw the European Figure Skating Championships (breathtaking) and sat my first lot of second year exams.

In February I went through a weird editing phase, I tried to get my thoughts on self portraits straight  and we decided that writing our shopping lists on the kitchen window with board markers probably wasn't the best way to do things.

In March R invented a cocktail that consisted of vodka, orange juice, ginger ale, soy sauce, hendersons relish and lime cordial. I can't remember what we called it, but I remember it being good. I wrote about blogging for International Womens day & went on a day trip into the Peaks which ended as an evening in the pub. The weather was uncharacteristically warm & we 'christened' our back yard with our first BBQ.

In April I was home for 2 weeks of my Easter break before disappearing off  to Ireland for a week long field trip that was one of the most rewarding and exhausting things I've ever done.

In May FV turned one (yay!), Hannah and I booked a completely impromptu weekend break to Spain and I spent a good deal of my life revising.

In June I didn't blog much, I did however buy a new lens, go to my first ever barn dance, finish my second year of Uni, work on preparations for Mum's wedding, go to the county farmers fair and eat the best cheese I've ever tasted & spend a weekend in Spain. So June was pretty awesome.

In July I didn't blog much either... I'm not really a fan of computers in the summer, especially laptops - they're too warm and I'd much rather be outside! I got creative with Mum & Kev's wedding rings (and never shared the shots here, oops!). I celebrated Mum's impending wedding with her & her best friends in London for her hen day, cried when I watched my brother walk her down the aisle and gave a reading as part of the ceremony.

In August I spent a lot of time with myself & continued to plug away at all the craft project I vowed to finish. I was obsessed with the Olympics & started work on my very first minibook. I spent time catching up with friends

In September I made a big announcement about my trip next summer. I took a lot of pictures and finished my minibook.  I went back to Uni to start my third (and maybe final? who knows!) year in a house that was occupied by slugs & had a bit of a problem with damp. R and I found an awesome walk on our back door step and I got back into the routine of studying again.

In October I spent a lot of time in a greenhouse, turned 21 and received an amazingly thoughtful gift from my Mum.  I also upgraded my camera, spent 3/4 weekends at home, helped with pumpkin carving at a charity firewalk and spent an evening at a friends new flat drinking wine out of a mug. Busy! 

In November I got accidently drunk with R watching fireworks over the city, walked dogs at the shelter with Holly, R and H, celebrated R's 21st  and spent countless hours in the lab & library. 

In December I figured out a life/study balance that kind of worked & became absolutely obsessed with 'The Walking Dead'. I fell in love with winter, had a perfect Christmas and spent a couple of days having a serious clearout. 

In 2012 I learnt how to trust myself more, how to let go of 'the plan' and to just go with the flow and that sometimes the smallest moments can be the most definitive. 2012 was a year of personal development, and that friends, makes it a success.

Wishing all of you an absolutely amazing start to 2013 - Vic xo  


  1. Happy New Year, Vic! I'm a fairly new reader so I really enjoyed the recap :)

  2. A great and optimistic post. A wonderful way to look at how you've spent this past year rather than how you'll spend the next one! :)

  3. happy new year!! i'm so glad i have found your blog.
    love the beach picture - makes me wish it were summer!!

  4. I love how you reflected on 2012! Sounds like it was a really fun (and at times crazy) year for your. Cheers to a similar 2013!

    p.s. I'm totally with you on the Walking Dead. best show ever.

  5. Remember how we're the same? In 2010 my word was fearless!! It really made things so much more worthwhile. And I felt so alive in everything I did. 2010 ended up being one of my all time favorite years ever. So I am glad that your fearless year was just as wonderful my friend!


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