07 December 2012

inspired photography: Angus Clyne

Lately I've been missing the sea a whole lot. I grew up next to the sea & living in this city in the middle of the country is sometimes a little odd. Can't wait to be home this time next week & wrap up warm for a walk along the prom. Simple things.

I searched for seascapes on Flickr this evening - out of curiosity more than anything else. Sometimes I really love Flickr, and other times I get frustrated with the amount of rubbish that comes up when you search for something. Anyway, I digress... I was searching for seascapes when I came across Angus Clyne's photostream. Talk about blown away - I've included a couple of my favourites here but I seriously recommend you having a look at the rest of his work. Its stunning.

Staffin Bay Ray Loch Gairloch Ardnamurchan Lighthouse Rainclouds @ Sunset Scurdie Ness Saltlakes Sunrise Babbet Ness Roome Rocks - Crail

I love coming across photographers that remind me how beautiful photography can be, how much I still have to learn about light, composition and vision. Pictures that inspire me to be better, to learn more about the theory behind photography and to push myself to find the beauty that's all around me.

Do you have a favourite photographer or flickr stream? Please share it - I'm always on the hunt for new photographers to check out!! 


  1. These are gorgeous photographs. Whoever the photographer is does amazing work
    Almost Endearing

  2. What beautiful photos! I agree about flikr frustrations, but this was a great find!

  3. I LOVE these photographs! They are so stunning and beautiful,what talent. It's great when you are lucky enough to come across great photos.

  4. I too love the sea :-D
    These are gorgeous photos.X

  5. These are not photographs - they're photoshop composites. His nickname on Flickr is Angus Clone because none of his images are real. They are composites of different skies, seas, rocks, fake sunlight etc. He faked the forth road bridge shaking, made up imaginary ducks. If you ask around flickr you'll find the fake stuff.


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