14 January 2013

Happening here #11

Sunrises in the winter always seem more vivid than any other time of year
This weekend felt like it lasted forever. Seriously. Saturday I got up & took Zak for one last walk before I headed back to Uni. I took my camera with me with the intention of taking pictures of the frost... turns out they work a whole lot better if you don't leave your memory card in your laptop. Who knew? I did have my phone though, and what I thought would be a pretty uneventful sunrise actually turned out pretty stunning.

We had to make a minor detour to the garage on the way back when the car decided we weren't allowed to open the petrol cap... but other than that it was a pretty uneventful drive back. Mum & Kev gave me a hand unpacking food & then left me to get everything else sorted. Which ended up being a whole evening spent re-organising my room & getting absolutely no work done. So productive!

I spent Sunday revising, making full use of my new kettle with copious amounts of tea & finishing up by teaching myself to crochet in the evening. All in all? A pretty good weekend.


  1. I love the sunrise pictures! My dog is convinced her morning business should be done when the sun rises... I sometimes grumble at that. ;)

    I just learned how to crochet also! It's my new favorite way to pass the time!

  2. You take really good photos. That is all.


  3. Aw these are such pretty pictures! I love how you captured the sunrise like that

  4. I would love to learn to crochet, is it difficult? How did you teach yourself?

  5. That mug is so cool, did you make it??


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