15 January 2013

Snow days

Snow 2013 I Snow 2013 II

I adore snow. I love how it makes the whole world look like a Christmas card. I love how it covers the grey of the roads and leaves everything white. I love the magic. Especially when it snows at night & opening the blinds in the morning is a huge surprise. I even love the type of cold that snow brings, when the air burns your lungs & you lose feeling in your ears.

I don't particularly like it when it melts, and freezes - because ice is not my friend. My balance is sketchy at the best of times so slippery pavements don't improve my chances a whole lot!

That said, I'm sad that its going & I'm really hoping it snows again this week.

Has it snowed where you are? Are you a snow-lover or a snow-hater?


  1. Your photos are always so lovely. I love snow days too, although we've hardly seen any of it where I am :( x

  2. I love snow too (but only when campus closes because of it). It's -8 over here so I can say that I'm not into it right now haha. It sure is pretty though!

  3. Ha! We both posted about the same thing, with the same name, around the same time! Spooky! I absolutely LOVE your photos. xx

  4. Naww I wish I had snow. Where I live in Australia we will never ever get snow. Only a few parts of Australia ever do. Lucky I get to visit one of those places mid year this year! Woohoo!
    xo Emily @ Hungry Delights

  5. I think snow is beautiful. I enjoy thd first few snow showers. Then I get sick of it and miss grass and flowers. I prefer warm weather. Snow is pretty though especially if you can stay inside and just stare out at it from your window.

  6. So pretty! The snow in London has been kind of pitiful... but that's kind of a good thing as too much snow and the whole city freaks out and nothing works haha! xxx


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