18 January 2013

Snow globe world

Revision breaks today came in the form of sledging. Originally we were just going to go out for a walk in the snow, but then Hazel reminded us that she'd never been sledging... so obviously we had to rectify that. I mean, its sledging. We headed to the park behind our house - there's a kids playground there that's dug into a hill so it has (kinda) steep sides. It was all going really well until I realised that I'm really really bad at steering sledges...

Sometimes being vertically challenged can be a good thing. For example, it prevents decapitation by playground. Then this really sweet guy who was out walking his dog pointed us in the direction of some steeper hills that would be far better for sledging. So we moved onto more advanced slopes...

... but clearly none of us have progressed to 'advanced' sledging yet. Nevertheless, our experience taught us the following:

Important discoveries made whist sledging

  1. R is capable of landing on one wrist with minimal damage. Obviously he has magic bones.
  2. Hazel can sledge upside down and backwards on her head (I'm not sure how this is possible either)
  3. If I fall off a sledge, bounce and land entirely on my right butt cheek... it hurts later. 
  4. I should learn not to bite my tongue when falling. 
  5. We should clearly listen to Holly and not sledge down ridiculous hills...
  6. Rock are very bad for sledges... 

Another sledge was purchased on the way home & the plan is to do it all again tomorrow (just, maybe with less injuries...) I love snow, and I really love these guys.


  1. That last picture is priceless! I can't wait to play in the snow when I move to Minnesota.. hopefully I don't get sick of it.

  2. heeee that looks like so much fun!! Poor broken sledge... xxx

  3. Haha, brilliant!

    I totally forgot about sledging... Will have to do that in Sweden I think.

    Enjoy whatever study breaks you get! X

  4. hahaha you guys are pretty daring!! looks like fun :)

    andrea brionne

  5. Oh no - poor broken sledge - I can imagine rocks could be quite bad for sledging :) Naww snow I am soo jealous it is super super hot here! xo Emily

  6. Hahah love this post! I really want to go out sledging but just dont think i can manage the cold! x

  7. lovely photos, looks like a fun day (:


  8. haha sledging. that's awesome. I want to go now, too! These photos are hysterical, I literally laughed out loud!

  9. Your pictures are so funny! Looks like a great time. And lots of lessons learned! ;)

  10. Ha ha you guys are looking like you are having so much fun! We just had our first dusting of snow.

    Ali of:

  11. i haven't gone sledding yet this winter :( but it looks like you all had bunches of fun!


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