10 February 2013

Moments Squared I

Last week my Mum kindly donated her old phone to the 'Vic needs a working phone' trust. One of the things I've been most excited about is having a phone with a fairly decent camera. I love my SLR to pieces but its not always practical to carry it around with me & its nice to be able to snap the little moments as they happen. I'm on Instagram but I don't always want to upload everything so I've been using the regular phone camera for most things. I love being able to look back on these random little pictures - they're the perfect way to remember things I'd probably forget otherwise.

1/ My favourite place
2/ Early morning reading - I'm reading Stillness Speaks at the moment and its really powerful stuff
3&4/ Sunsets around here have been stunning lately
5/ At the bus station last Sunday ready for the NW bloggers meet up
6/ Tea @ Spout Coffee shop in Leek
7/ I love the fact that our university buildings are so old
8/ Snow & rain in black and white - the view from my desk
9/ So.Much.Reading.
10&11/ More sunsets
12/ Tea & crochet in bed
13/ A random elephant that appeared outside the Students Union one day
14/ Journalling
15&16// Hannah came to stay this weekend and we had a gorgeous dinner out yesterday. So yummy.


  1. You've had some gorgeous sunsets- makes a nice change from the greygreygrey skies that have been outside my window for the last few weeks!
    Lovely post :)
    Kaz x

  2. These photos are so pretty, I love the photos you took of the sunsets, such beautiful shades!

  3. I spy revolutions steak and chips in the bottom corner there, yum! x

  4. I love all the square photos! Awesome elephant.

  5. Love that elephant, I honestly thought it was real for a moment....

  6. Thanks for sharing, beautiful photos! x

  7. Phones with cameras are the best. These are such happy moments! Early morning reading... your day can't get much better than that :)

  8. Those sunsets are beautiful!!! =) I don't have a phone with a camera right now and I seriously need to just buckle down and get one! =)



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