17 February 2013

Moments squared II

Still loving the phone-cam. This week has been a good one. I've figured out a uni/life balance that works for me and the Walking Dead is back on t.v. We spent Monday huddled around my laptop watching the newest episode. So life is good. The weather has been all kinds of crazy this week, Wednesday it snowed like mad and was absolutely freezing, then yesterday was so mild that coats weren't really necessary. Clearly the weather gods are confused. Me and Hazel celebrated Valentines with a couple of bottles of wine take out Pizza. We got some deal which made a giant pizza super-cheap but they sent us a large AND a medium instead. So we ate pizza on Friday night too. Then we ate at Rev's (again) on Saturday night. The discount cards just make it rude not to...

1/ Learning something new 
2/ Waking up to a snow-covered skylight 
3/ Walking home from Uni - the hill was deadly and the wind got so bad in places that I was unable to walk forwards. Fun stuff!
4/ Little bit obsessed now...
5/ Reading & notes at my desk in the afternoons
6/ I love running just after the sun has come up 
7/ I saw my first Ice Hockey game at the winter varsity yesterday! We lost (per usual apparently) but only on penalties and I absolutely loved it. I found it really tense, but its a great sport to watch. 
8/ Productive mornings accompanied by green tea
9/ The view this evening as I was shooting a sunset. I'm having a go at my very first time-lapse so we'll see how that turns out! 


  1. I had a similar pizza spree to you this week... we ended up with six large pizzas (plus sides...) for seven of us. So much pizza, it lasted for lunch and tea the next day. And then the following day I went to Pizza Express. Whoops.
    I love your pictures- the snow and the sunsets all look beautiful (what a weird week its been weatherwise!)
    Kaz x

  2. I love being outside just after sunrise too! It's my favourite time.

  3. These pictures are great! And I couldn't agree more, life is complete with the Walking Dead. Keep these photos coming :)

  4. I'm jealous of your crochet skills, my Mum keeps trying to teach me but so far I haven't learnt!

    Liz xx

  5. Beautiful sun scenes! I love having my phone cam for capturing moments when I'm out and about, although sadly suffered a phone/ moisture related nightmare this weekend, so I'm currently without.


  6. Instagram photos are so fun! I've heard that the next episode of the Walking Dead is supposed to be the best yet! I'm nervous to watch it.


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