03 February 2013

Sunsets & bus rides

February Sunset
Yesterday evening I just happened to look out of my window at all kinds of magic going on in the sky. This house may be falling apart, damp and crappy but the view from this window when the sun goes down makes it entirely worth it. I've become a little bit obsessed with panoramas recently, and whilst sunsets may be one of the most cliched things to shoot this way... I think it really needed it. If you click through it should take you to flickr and its a bit bigger on there.

Today I hopped on a bus (or 3) for the North West Blogger meet. This was a lot more stressful than it sounds because of my complete inability to use public transport. For a while I wasn't sure I'd even make it... but it turns out that reading the bus timetable right is really helpful. Who knew? R met me at the bus station to  show me where the cafe was (knowing a local is always helpful) but we had to make a slight detour due to me leaving all my SD cards at home. Well played Vic. 

Turns out R's camera and mine take different memory cards, but -  to be fair I'm not sure I'd have taken that many pictures anyway. The whole shebang was organised by A Girl I Know and she did such an amazing job. It was really awesome to hang out with other bloggers & be able to chat about things without having to explain them! A lot of the girls there were fashion/beauty bloggers, which isn't really my thing - but everyone was super-friendly and it was a pretty good way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon. I caught a lift back with R & Holly and have spent the rest of the evening in my pyjamas. I wish it was socially acceptable to wear pyjamas all the time, I would literally be the happiest person alive.

Have you ever been to a blog meet up? What was it like? 


  1. Mazing sunset captured beautifully. Glad the blogger meet went well. I really wanted to go but other things cropped up. Hoping one day I will go to one and meet lovely people hehe. xx

  2. That is one beautiful sunset! I've never been to a blogger meet up, there seem to be a lot of them going on right now but I only ever seem to hear about them when they're over haha x

  3. Beautiful photo. I've never been to a blogger meet up, but it is on my list to try and get to one this year. xx

  4. Yay for blog meet ups! I've yet to go to any myself, but I'm dying to! Good to hear you had fun!

  5. It was great meeting you.
    That picture of the sky is absolutely beautiful by the way!

  6. I love sunsets as well. I love how the sky can look like a painting! I haven't ever gone to a blogger meet up. I would love to meet some bloggers in real life someday. :)

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