22 March 2013


Notice how clean he is BEFORE we go in the woods?
Notice what he looks like now?! 
We randomly found Alpaca's & Zak was curious.
This made me laugh hysterically, I'm not sure why? Reminded me of Charlies Angels.
 It scared the hell out of Zak and he legged it back to hide behind my legs... 
The creepiest fog rolled in which me and Meggie were out. It sparked a conversation about how I'm only every worried about weird and violent things when its foggy. I blame this book.

Walking over to the hospital every day to visit Nan

Thankful that she seems to be doing much better

Working on my last ever essay for a Geography module

Enjoying wanders through the woods with the little guy

Loving this video that Allie tweeted yesterday

Laughing at the Amazon reviews on this banana slicer 

Catching up with people I haven't seen in a while

Getting stuck in the mud on a photography jaunt with Meggie

Drinking home-made smoothie with my breakfast every morning

Daydreaming about this summer...100 days left until I get on that plane!

Spending my evenings reading on the sofa rather than on the internet - and loving it

Figuring out my California road trip & making lists of everything I want to see

Searching for the perfect recipe to make Mum a birthday cake (any suggestions?)

Looking forward to kicking back tonight with the copy of National Geographic that came yesterday (favourite magazine ever)

Eating baby spinach leaves with everything and discovering that spinach and scrambled egg is great in a wrap

Practising mindfulness and really noticing the difference it makes to my productivity 

Wondering who all the new people around here are? I'm so grateful that you want to follow along with this little blog, but I'd really love to know who you are! Introduce yourselves?


  1. What a happy looking dog you have! Glad to hear your Nan is improving - I hope she continues to do so.

    Happy alpaca day!

  2. Happy alpaca day! That is one happy liking dog you have there.

    Glad to hear your Nan is improving, I hope she continues to do so.

    K x

  3. I love your pictures. So many beautiful animals.

    California roadtrip? I love planning trips!

  4. I love the Charlies Angels pic! It made me chuckle.

    That banana slicer.. what the?! haha! x

  5. That film about helping people! Love it!

  6. Love your dog, and those llama things - amazing x

  7. Hahaha, he looks so cute pre-mud!

    Albus did the same thing. Gave him a bath then took him to the dog park yesterday and he just rolled around in the mud. Then came over and sat on my lap. Because you know, I love mud too...

    Lovely photography!

  8. I love this! So jealous of California, I NEED SUNSHINE!! And you're right about the fog- it makes everything SO much creepier!!


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