01 March 2013

Goals revisited: February

February, you're a short month but you seem to have lasted forever. Is it just me that thinks that? Quite a lot of goals this month, but I did pretty well (in my opinion). 

In February I chose to:

1. Stop biting my nails - I'm terrible for this. I do it without even realising. And yes, I know its disgusting, but its a hard habit to break. However... I actually have nails right now so I'm considering this a success. 

2. Eat clean - I had a bit of a blip in the middle of the month when large amounts of pizza was consumed (hi there Valentines day offers...) but overall I'm pretty pleased. My downfall is days when I get back late and I'm tired, because all I feel like cooking is pasta. 

3. Get back into running - I ran more in February than I did in January, but I wouldn't say that I'm back into a regular routine. I am loving the lighter mornings though, I can run really early before anyone else is awake & for some reason I really love that. 

4. Be more intentional with the media I consume - I'm making progress. This goal partly came from a desire to try and live more simply - to reduce the things in my life only to what's necessary and that I enjoy. Watching TV programmes just for the sake of it, or reading blog posts that have stacked up 'just to get through them' doesn't really fit with that. We don't have a TV license this year so I'm spending far less time watching programmes that I don't really have an interest in & I've had a big 'blog purge' so I'm only reading things that genuinely inspire me. I've found that I've had a lot more time for the things I want to spend my time on (like reading) and that can only be good. 

5. Simplicity - Simplicity isn't a goal that can ever be acheived (in my opinion) but its something I'm really striving to cultivate in my day-to-day life and I think I'm getting a little bit better at it all the time. 

6. To stay on top of lecture notes - Erm... to be fair,this was more of a conscious decision - I've decided to focus more on getting all the lecture reading done than writing my notes up. Have I kept up to date with reading? No. But I'm not far behind...

7. To get reading again - Oh yes! I've been making an effort to read for a bit every night before I go to bed. I'm deliberately not reading books I know I'm going to find really difficult to put down (because then I don't sleep...) but I've been using it as an opportunity to read things that are easy to pick up and put down. Is anyone actually interested in what I read? I don't want to bore you all to tears banging on about it, but I do really like books...

8. To take more pictures than I did in January - Mission accomplished. Partly due to a timelapse that took nearly 600 pictures to put together, but even excluding that I was up on January. 

Conclusion? Pretty damn good. 

Did any of you make February goals? What were they? How did you do? 


  1. Sounds like February was a success overall then! I'd definitely be interested in what you're reading - I love hearing about books others enjoy

    Gemma xx

  2. Sounds like your February was a success then! I'd definitely love to hear about the books you're reading - its really interesting to see what other people enjoy

    Gemma xx

  3. sounds like an amazing month filled with tons of growth! You're beautiful inside and out! :)

    This Lovely Little Day

  4. I especially like your goal of 'simplicity' - this is something I have always strived for. Unfortunately my other half seems to want life as complicated as possible. Why make things hard for yourself??

    rachael @ made up of little things xx

  5. Hi Vic! I'm so glad you found my blog so that I could find yours :-). Such a lovely, peaceful place you have here. As I'm reading through your posts and nodding my head in agreement, I think I have discovered someone who thinks much like I do. Simplicity, intentionality, words, pictures...all things so dear to my heart! Bravo on your decision to not be stuck in a job you don't LOVE everyday. I have been blessed to pursue many passions of mine through the years (some lucrative, some not!), but all the while, my heart has been happy, and my spirit free. I wish the same for you! I've made the same decision too about being intentional about the blogs that I read - there's just not time enough in the day to be EVERYWHERE! But does it inspire me? Encourage me? Uplift me? Calm me? Make me smile? Give me peace? Those are the visits I don't want to miss! Shew! Longest comment ever! But all that to say, so, so, nice to "meet" you my dear!

  6. good on you for sticking to your goals! that's awesome :) i've been trying to work on mine--the two i'm doing best on right now: less gossip and less social media. still attempting to work out 3 times a week......


  7. Sounds like you did pretty well! I like #4! I try to only ready favorite blogs. I also started using the Bloglovin ap on my phone. It helps me a lot.

  8. "Be more intentional with the media I consume" YES TO THIS!

    I really love this whole list actually, so many of your goals, are mine as well so this post particularly speaks to me.

    (Also, coming from an ex-nail biter... YOU CAN DO IT!!!)


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