13 April 2013

a heart like summer

Me? I'm a sunshine girl. I mean, don't get me wrong, there's a powerful beauty in the transition from summer to autumn, and there's magic in hot chocolates & blankets in deepest December. I love all of the seasons. But my heart? My heart belongs to fluffy clouds and endless skies. To warm rain and bare feet. To long, light evenings and dinner eaten in the garden. To evening walks and being woken by sunlight streaming though the window. To the kind of warmth that only comes from the sun heating your bones and the simple pleasure of a cold glass of water. To lying on the grass, feeling like the sky goes on forever and eating breakfast right at the end of the garden because that's where the sun hits first.

These shots were taken last Saturday, on my last evening at home. Mum, Kev and I took Zak for a walk & I got lost when I stopped to take a few pictures. I guessed that they'd walked mine & Kev's normal running route so I took off with my camera to catch up with them. Turns out they'd gone back for me, so I spent 15 minutes running round the woods hugging my camera so it didn't get damaged. Good exercise but I probably looked a bit mental ;) The sun was out, and it was late(ish) and it just felt like summer was well and truly on its way. It made me happy in a way I haven't felt for a long time, and I realised just how much this seemingly endless winter had got to me.


  1. The light <3 I feel the same about the 'endless winter' as you called it.

  2. We just had our coffee at the bottom if the garden in the sunshine. I think it's finally waking up! Summer I mean :)

  3. This has got me seriously longing for some sunshine now, I'm with you being a summer girl through and through. I'm just longing for a time of seeing blue skies and being able to actually enjoy spending time outside without risking freezing to death. It really does wonders for putting me in a good mood, grey skies just aren't inspiring and really don't fill my mind with positivity!
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

  4. Oh, THAT LIGHT!

    Gorgeous and breathtaking.

    I could bask in that golden hour for years on end.... :)

  5. Living in Australia means we have such pleasant (maybe too hot) weather the majority of the year. I am looking forward to Winter and cozying up inside near the fire and reading a book.

  6. Cant wait for summer and you've made me want it even more! Can't wait for BBQs and doing my work lying in the sun rather than in bed! xx

  7. Absolutely beautiful shots- you are very talented. This long, long winter has gotten to me too, and I am so thankful that it is finally dragging to an end!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  8. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL. I tend to think of myself as a winter person, but right now I am DYING for a good chunk of warmth and sunshine, and wandering around with bare arms and bare feet. xx

  9. this is so incredibly beautiful!


    I love summer, I can't wait for it to properly begin!



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