22 April 2013

Monday Motivation: Who do you want to be?

It is estimated by the Oxford dictionary that there are approximately 3/4 of a million words in the English language. I find it truly amazing that out of all of the possible combinations, an inconceivably huge number of combinations, one of those combinations can come into you life and speak straight to your soul. It can be a quote, a song, a poem, part of a conversation you overhear or a flippant remark. It can be anything.

A 1:55 in this video Arnold Schwarznegger says "ask yourselves who do you want to be? Not what, but who?"

And it really struck a chord with me. It may seem like such a painfully obvious statement, but its a question I forget to ask myself. Constantly. But it shouldn't be, we should never stop asking ourselves who we want to be, and answering that question doesn't have to mean that we don't like who we are. It doesn't mean that we need to have a list of things that we want to change, or that we need to become somebody else. It just means that we're recognising that we're a work in progress, that there's always ways for us to grow. It means that we recognise that we can be better in ways that are meaningful and extend beyond job descriptions and inconsequential social labels.

What I am doesn't matter. But who I am? That is everything.

Watch the video. Soak it up. And tell me, who are you?


  1. Oh, Vicky, I missed reading your blog. I needed to watch this video. I gained a significant amount of weight due to my medications and I'm trying to get back in shape. I know who I am (kind of?). I'm a quirky, loving, enthusiastic girl who daydreams so much it's practically an occupation.

    But, I also am a girl who loves herself enough to be in good shape, good health, and in good friendships. Your blog has always been a bright spot on the internet for me. It's nice to read it and visit it again.
    So much appreciation,

  2. This is so great! I have no idea what I want to be, but I definitely know who I want to be. And you're right, I think that is WAY more important. xx

  3. I've been going through a 'who am I?' phase after changing my name. It's amazing how much I associated with my maiden name and now how alien it sounds! It's been a right kick up the arse to think more about who I am, so this really hit home with me. x

  4. So true! It is always what do you want to be when you grow up and I suppose that kind of sticks (although a good answer I have seen to that is "happy"). It seems a much more essential thing that you be the best version of you.

  5. What a lovely post.
    I agree the feeling that words, when arranged in the right order, when they take us by surprise, can really make us STOP and THINK. They can be flooring.
    I love the quote you've chosen and the post you've written around it. I may be reading this on a Wednesday but that doesn't make it any less motivational for me.
    Thank you!

  6. What do I want to be? Think I should give some time to myself to answer this question. Hope to find an answer soon. Thanks for the reminder.


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