30 April 2013

Summer Ball

James, Me, Holly, Hazel & Rich
Last Thursday was the Biology Society Summer Ball, we've never been to a formal dance while we've been at Uni so we all promised to go to this one, since its our last year. It came a little bit earlier in the semester than I thought it would be, so Mum had to post me my dress, shoes and jewellery (thanks Mum!). Hazel came over to ours a couple of hours early to get ready, but getting ready really doesn't take us that long so we pretty much just listened to The Eagles and drank Amaretto.

When we arrived we were handed a complimentary Mojito (never a bad thing), found a table and had our pictures taken. I skipped lunch because I knew I'd be eating loads in the evening, so my stomach appreciated the food being served pretty soon after we arrived. We somehow managed to pick the table that got served first (bonus!) and we also seemed to have far more table wine than anyone else. Definitely wasn't complaining. The food was amazing and I was full by the second course. I don't like throwing food away though, so obviously I had to eat the other two courses as well...

We spent the rest of the night drinking wine and dancing. It was such a good night and I'm so glad we went. I took my camera, but it was one of those nights where it didn't really occur to me to use it that much, so I'm really glad we had some 'proper' pictures taken. R thinks we look like the cast from a dodgy US murder-mystery sitcom. I can sort of see it. These guys are my favourites. I may be looking forward to finishing Uni, but I know I'll really miss them.


  1. Girl you look so smokin'!!
    I didn't go to any Balls at uni either, until the very last one. And it wasn't even one for my college. Woops! It was fun, by my drunk idiotic boyfriend at the time ended up hijacking a bus so the memory is a bit tainted.

  2. You look gorgeous, I'm glad you had a fantastic time. I went to several Balls and had a good time, but my leavers one was beyond terrible. I don't know why, I think I was just expecting too much. I have to agree, I can see you being in a US murder mystery! xxx

  3. You look so lovely! I'm really excited for my balls which are coming up... xo

  4. You look so lovely! I'm really excited for my balls which are coming up... xo

  5. Or the next Bold and the Beautiful cast!

    Such a great idea to attend the event. And yes, a mojito when you walk in any door could never be a bad thing! X

  6. This sounds brilliant! Our final year history ball was so much fun- except it fell just as we were all starting to revise, so sadly not a lot of wine for us!! xx

  7. What a great photo! You all look great.


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