16 May 2013

a breather.

Home I

I don't have a whole lot of time at the moment for photography, but I've been spending the odd 15 minutes or so between revision and bedtime going through some old pictures. When I'm in revision mode I tend to become completely single-minded and only capable of thinking about work, but taking a tiny bit of time to just create something is good for me.

My hometown is beautiful in its own little way, especially as a storm comes in and the sun goes down.

06 May 2013

Bank Holiday Fun

Lake lights

The title of this post is somewhat ironic, because my bank holiday was most definitely not fun. Productive? Yes. Fun? Not so much. I finished off my last ever piece of degree coursework, made a dent in my revision and spent the hottest day of the year so far stuck inside reading about global warming. Fitting, no?

I always turn into a really miserable person around revision time. I resent the fact that I've spent 99% of my university education being lectured on the importance of 'original' thought, novel experimental design and understanding the holistic nature of biological, geological and environmental processes, only to be examined using what basically amounts to a memory test. It makes no sense to me. I feel like coursework is a far superior method of assessment, it enables analysis of an issue from an angle that makes logical sense to the author, and allows an exploration of the literature that is pertinent to that chosen angle. Logical.

But hey, I'm probably just a bit bitter because my inability to remember names and dates puts me at an immediate disadvantage in exams where referencing is necessary ;)

Despite Bank Holiday monday being somewhat dull, my Saturday was awesome. Mum & Kev came up to collect some of my stuff (I move back home in 4 weeks - scary!) and I spent the afternoon hanging out with them. We went to Wetherspoons for lunch (always a good idea), I ate far too much & we discovered that my dressing table probably won't fit in the new car. Oops. I don't really mind living away from home too much, but I do miss hanging out with Mum so its always nice when they come to visit.

On Saturday evening R, James & I spent the evening on a bat walk with one of the post-doc researchers and a local ecological consultant. Maybe not everybody's idea of fun, but I really enjoyed it. They gave a couple of presentations about British bats & then dished out bat detectors so we could 'hear' them hunt. It's pretty incredible to listen to, especially once you get the hang of it & can start to tell the difference between different species. I took my camera, but nothing really came of it - bats are quick and I didn't want to use flash. The reflection of the pub lights on the lake was beautiful though, there's something almost magical about the sun going down in the summer.

What did you get up to this weekend? 

02 May 2013

Spring is here!

Botanical Gardens

Elizabeth is running an amazing 'blog every day in may' challenge, and although I won't be blogging every day in May, it really couldn't have come at a better time! I have a tendency to stress, a lot, about exams. I end up in this weird frame of mind where I can't actually concentrate on anything that isn't work (because obviously if I'm not sleeping I should be working) but at the same time, I can't actually concentrate on anything that is work related, because my brain just really wants a break. Its a problem. I'm getting better at balance and all that, but at the end of the day I just really, really, really want to graduate with a good degree (and thus begins the vicious cycle of 'oh my god I need to do more work' all over again). Its fun times around here people, fun, fun times. 

However. Back to the point of this post... This challenge is perfect, because I'm really trying to make sure that I have 'off' time as well, but sometimes I just can't come up with anything interesting to write about. I mean, there's only so many ways I can write about spending 14 hours of my day revising the evolution of oxygenic photosynthesis. Right? Right. 

Today we're supposed to be writing about our favourite things about Spring. Of which I have many. I love flowers (obviously, because plants are my favourite). I love hanging out by the pond in the park. I love ducks (especially when they quack because its hilarious). I love not having to wear a coat. I love that feeling of being warmed by the sun, when you feel like the warmth goes all the way through to your bones. I love blue skies. I love fluffy clouds. I love waking up to light streaming through my window. I love the lighter evenings. I love green leaves on trees and the sounds of birds singing. I love the simple little things that just make life better. 

But this year, more than ever before, I love that feeling that things are just getting started and that the whole summer is just waiting to be explored. 
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