26 June 2013

Finishing up

Summer Nights I
Summer Nights II Summer Nights III

Summer evenings are my favourite. That golden glow that lights the world up, sets the sky on fire and makes the world look magic. Things have been busy around here, I fly on Sunday and have been finishing up and getting everything sorted. I'm excited. I'm nervous. I have no idea what to expect. But I absolutely can't wait. The furthest I've travelled on my own so far has been Sheffield to Bournemouth, so Costa Rica and California is quite the adventure. Quite the adventure. 4 days to go.

14 June 2013

Life over the past couple of months...

The past couple of months have been a bit of a whirlwind-crazy time. I took all of my final exams in 9 days (stressful does not begin to cover it), packed up my stuff, spent a manic afternoon cleaning our house (hey black mould...), had the best night out with everyone on my course, watched the sun come out after coming home from said night, moved out the same day, moved back in at home, filled 11 binbags of stuff to donate/chuck out, booked up the rest of my flights (16 days to go!!!), and started volunteering 3 days a week at the charity my Mum runs. Busy bee. Shamefully I didn't pick up my camera at all during the month of May, but I did snap away quite a bit on my phone.

left// library times. right// sunny park view from the library.

left// boredom = covert picture-taking in the library (yes I had the same seat, because I'm a nerd ;). 
right// lunch in the park 

left// the view from my bed, little bit in love with light leaks at the minute. right// morning coffee. Perfect. 

left// the one thing I miss about my room in Sheffield? That skylight. Because those sunsets? Amazing. right// (more) coffee. Because coffee. 

left// library snacks (chocolate overdose) right// discovering that I have a weird knack for flicking beer mats onto the top of pint glasses. Who knew?

left// the biology building in the sun. right// ducks in the park during a lunch break (these were nice ducks, not  the giant mean ducks that stole my yoghurt and attacked my knee. TRAUMATIC)/

left// working. right//colour coded notes make all the difference

left// sunny evening walking home. right// crazy light in the sky one evening 

Life has been busy and full. So many changes, good changes, exciting changes. I'm glad to be back. 

06 June 2013

Pin it Forward!

I am a huge Pinterest fan & I've been using it for quite a while now (since early 2011?) Somewhere around there anyway - I managed to get hold of an invite around the same time that I started blogging. I didn't really 'get it' to start with, but now? Now I am hooked. When I got the email asking me to be a part of the UK campaign I was really excited - I think it'll be great to have the whole experience a little bit more tailored.

I always find it a bit hard to explain exactly what I use it for - does anyone else have this problem?! I guess the simplest way to put it is that I use it to collect ideas to refer back to and as a source of inspiration. I try to only pin stuff that I really love or that I think are really helpful. I also try to only ever pin images that link to original sources - sometimes this means hunting around a bit to find it, but I think its so important that the creator of an image is credited. My favourite board right now is my Photography Inspiration board - its a collection of images that I find really make me want to improve my photography and give me ideas for different things to try etc. Its also really helping me to refine my own style - identifying what I'm drawn to in other images is helping me to steer my own work in the right direction.

Something else I love about Pinterest is being able to follow other people who have similar interests/aesthetics to me - I know there are all these 'rules' about not flooding other peoples feeds, but personally I love it when someone I follow goes on a pinning spree!

As part of the campaign I also get to hand you over to three other bloggers! First up is Nina - she blogs here and pins over here. She's a wallpaper stylist and there are so many colour/pattern combinations to check out on her boards! Second up is Hayley who blogs here and pins here. She has some great looking baking recipes - I've currently got my eye on a couple of cookie dough recipes! Last (and by no means least) is Laura who blogs here and pins here - I'm a particular fan of her 'Inspired Living' board - so many ideas for houses I'll never be able to afford...

If you haven't signed up for Pinterest yet then you can do so here - and please leave me your links!! 
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