22 August 2013

Leaving on a jetplane...

Several jetplanes actually, 5 if I'm being precise. As I write this I'm waiting to board number 4, sprawled over several chairs at gate number 3 and simultaneously wondering how overpriced the apple juice opposite me is, and why my ears still haven't popped. This is the home straight - San Jose to Miami, then on to London Heathrow. It feels both right and wrong to be heading home. Wrong because 8 weeks have absolutely flown by and I can't quite believe its been that long, and right because it seems like ages ago that I had that giant mug of coffee in the airport with Mum and Kev. I can't wait to see them and bore them to death by repeating the same stories a thousand times.
The last 8 weeks have been the most incredible adventure and it all seems a little bit surreal when I think back over it. I've experienced so much, seen so many new things and learnt so, so much. I'm so glad that I kept a diary and took hundreds & hundreds of pictures, because I want to hold on to all of those moments. Forever.


  1. I would love to hear about some of your adventures! I hope you have safe travels the rest of the way home :)

  2. Lovely to have you back, Vic! Hope your journeys were all smooth, and SO glad you had such a good time- can't wait to read some of your stories, if you're willing to share! xx

  3. Looking forward to reading about your adventures :)


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