04 September 2013

Peurto Jimenez & a first look at camp

The start of the story The start of the story_MG_6556 Peurto Jimenez - Costa Rica
1-3 = more pictures from the plane window, left is the view from my tent & right the view from where I sat in Carolina's

Landing in Peurto Jimenez was an interesting experience. We were flying over the sea, started heading towards land and then all of a sudden we were flying crazy low over the forest and then sort of fell out of the sky onto a runway the other side of the trees. I loved it. The 'airport' was a runway, surrounded by a chain-link fence and once the pilots had handed us our luggage, we let ourselves off the runway. We were met by one of the camp staff - Elle - who was absolutely fantastic and one of the most hilarious people I've ever met. Loved her. We hung around a bit at the 'airport' for the next flight to get in - there are two airlines that fly internally to PJ and the next couple of people had flown on a different airline to us. Once the troops were assembled Elle walked us to the main street, which isn't really too far from all the other streets because they don't really have a whole lot of town there. A short walk it may have been, but the combination of the heat and carrying two (heavy) rucksacks made it feel like I'd walked for approximately 473 hours by the time we got to the restaurant.

The last picture (on the right) shows the view from the restaurant - I loved the fact that all of the buildings were so open there. Even 'inside' felt like outside because you were seldom shut away completely. The restaurant/cafe we stopped at is called Carolina's and served the best lemonade I've ever tasted. If you ever happen to be in Peurto Jimenez, I highly recommend it - and the food is good too. There was even free WiFi so I had the chance to check in with home and let Mum know I'd got there safely.

We'd missed the morning collectivo (local bus) so we had to hang around until half one (ish) to catch the other one our of town. Elle advised us to buy plenty of snacks & wellies if we could get hold of them, so we headed to the supermarket to stock up. At just gone 1, we all piled onto the collectivo with our stuff to head to camp for the very first time. Piled is definitely the most accurate description, the collectivo was basically a cattle truck with benches along the side, but the amount of people and stuff that squeezed on was incredible. The ride to camp was just over an hour, and I was stuck right in the middle of the collectivo so I didn't really see a great deal. I even missed out on a sloth. A sloth. Disappointed does not even begin to cover it!

Once we arrived at camp we didn't really have another moment to ourselves! We arrived about 14:45 and the rest of the afternoon was taken up with presentations by the head of science and OSA Conservation  who we would be working quite closely with. The evening went by in a bit of a blur - I don't really remember it that well! I do remember that Pip and I were in a tent by half 7 and that I refused to get up to go to the loo in the night because I was paranoid about standing on a snake.


  1. Beautiful photographs so far, Vic :) Love how green it is! x

  2. those views look incredible! sounds like such a cool experience :)
    have a lovely day!
    saida xx


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