13 January 2014

Down by the river

Skywards Sunset over the water XI Sunset over the water IX Sunset over the water VIII Sunset over the water VII Sunset over the water VI Sunset over the water V Untitled Sunset over the water IV Sunset over the water III Sunset over the water II Sunset over the water Last light in the woods II

Remember when I was crossing my fingers for a clear day this weekend? Clearly the weather gods were listening because Saturday evening was absolutely breathtaking. I checked the sunset time, packed my wellies and the dog in the back of the car and headed for the woods. We walked, and we walked, and we walked a bit more. Through the woods, and next to the fields and then back along the edge of the water. I took pictures and Zak danced around my feet trying to persuade me to throw stones. He dug holes (everywhere) while I tried to catch reflections in wet sand and when he got bored of that he decided that a mud bath was a Really Good Plan (he regretted this later when I gave him a bath...) We walked back through the woods just as the light started to finally disappear and by the time we got back to the car the sky was that deep kind of purple that only hangs around for a few minutes before the dark sets in.

If felt good to be out. To breathe cold air and to feel my fingers slowly freeze around my camera. To chase light through the trees and to capture those last fleeting moments of sunlight. To feel the high of knowing that there's magic stored in the memory card while you drive home.  The lack of light in this country in the winter makes me cranky, but evenings like that one kind of make it all worth it.


  1. Beautiful photos! That is a lovely sunset!

  2. What fantastic golden light you have captured. I keep getting off the train in the morning and being amazed at the cold winter sun and how it makes London seem vibrant and alive. It really makes all the difference when the sun is out x

  3. Your pictures are really stunning !

  4. I must say that, as per usual, your photographs are really something else.
    The last one in particular is really beautiful - I'm a point and click kinda guy so I've literally no idea how you get such great looking images!


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