02 January 2014

One little word in 2014

Calm Green

I'm not really one for making New Years Resolutions, I believe that if you want to make a change or set a goal then you should do exactly that - waiting for a particular time of year just seems like another way of putting things off. That said, there is something about January that just feels shiny and new - and it feels appropriate to put something new into motion at this time of year. For the last couple of years I've jumped on the 'One Little Word' bandwagon - and its something that I really believe made a different to the way I approached life. Not all the time of course - like anything there were times when I was more conscious of them than others - but they were definitely there in the background. 2012 was about being 'fearless' - trying new things, pushing myself out of my comfort zone and generally trying not to let silly little things hold me back. 2012 was the year I booked a solo trip to Central America and California, so I think that worked pretty well... 2013 was about choice, I chose 'choose' both as a gentle reminder to myself that I have a choice in how I respond to everything and anything that happens, but also as a nod to fact that I knew a lot of decisions were coming up. 

 This year I felt like I needed something more organic, less about trying to force direction and more about acceptance and reflection. More about gratitude for what I have, and less about trying to change things. Change is good, but change for the sake of change isn't - and sometimes I'm aware that I get a little caught up in the mentality that standing still is a bad thing and that in order to be successful we need to be constantly moving. So this year isn't all about doing more, pushing harder, making choices or preparing for big decisions. 

This year is about thriving. Emotionally, physically, creatively, spiritually, nurturing relationships and building new ones, savouring the small things and living with greater intention. 

In 2014 I will thrive. And I'm excited about it. 


  1. What a great way to think about the new year! I love that you have used one word rather than setting specific goals :) I hope you manage to achieve it x

  2. I'm excited just reading about it! What a great concept. It is so vitally true, too.

    Amanda Rose


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