09 February 2014

thriving in January

Thriving in January was many things, but if I had to sum it up it was about making the effort to replace comfortable with good. It was setting an alarm for 6:20 on weekdays to work out before work. Sleeping in is comfortable, but fitting in half an hour of movement? That's good. It was putting Zak in the car and driving somewhere different just to take photo's. Chucking my wellies on and walking him in the woods behind the house is comfortable, but making the extra effort to spend a little bit of time behind the lens? That's good. It was pushing myself to change my nightly routine so that I'm reading before I go to sleep rather than mindlessly browsing Pinterest or getting frustrated by Candy Crush (I'm a little bit addicted). Lying in bed with an electronic device in my hand is comfortable, but getting lost in a good book? That's good. It was trying to get back into the habit of writing, and photography, starting to tackle some of the bigger projects on my list and checking off some of the things that have been on a 'to do' list for ages.

It wasn't at all about less. It was all about more. More of the things that make me feel alive, inspired, productive and happy. Living intentionally, not comfortably. 


  1. I'm so proud of you, it sounds like it was a wonderful month!

  2. Amazing sentiment and so wonderfully written! I'm impressed with your January and know exactly what you mean about pushing yourself that bit more, it always feels so much better x

    1. Thankyou! I think sometimes there can be a lot of negativity about pushing yourself, like its always about doing something you don't want to, or you feel you should, when in fact it can be just making the effort to do the things that make you happy x

  3. What a great month. Simple and to the point. Very inspirational!
    I hope you share some of your photos here :)


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